Past Presidents

We recognize and honor the Chapter's past leadership for the contributions they have made to the success and growth of the chapter.

Term in Office Name
2015-2020 Laurie Nickson, CMP
2011-2015 Michelle Milligan, MSW, LMSW, CGMP
2008-2011 Debbie Kopkau, CMP
2006-2008 Deborah Jensen, CMP
2004-2006 Andrew Silver
2002-2004 Shannon Pavwoski
2000-2002 Sue Micensky
1998-2000 Andrew Silver
1996-1998 Mary Brandimore
1994-1996 Marilyn Clark
1993-1994 Susan Holben
1990-1993 Carol Coscarelli

Chartered: January 24, 1990