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Unconscious Bias: A Quiet Performance Killer

December 16, 2020
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
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Noise is anything that interferes with the accurate transmission of a message between a sender and a receiver. It can be categorized as internal, external, emotional or cultural; however, unconscious bias is the loudest form of noise because it not only interferes with our ability to build powerful relationships across cultural differences, it leads to bad decisions that impair individual and organizational performance. This session will describe unconscious bias and identify the specific ways it can diminish your effectiveness.

Presenter: Dr. Tryone A. Holmes, Ed. D.,
T.A.H. Performance Consultants, LLC, Past President

GMS Core Competency:  Education and Programming




$10.00 Zoom meeting (Member)

$10.00 Zoom meeting (Non-member)

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