SGMP is the only national organization dedicated to improving the knowledge and expertise of individuals in the planning and management of government meetings through education, training, and industry relationships.

SGMP offers its members:

  • Education in basic and advanced areas of meeting planning

  • Information on the latest techniques and services available to insure successful meetings

  • A referral network of planner resources and opportunities to inspect conference facilities

  • Regional chapter education conferences, chapter affiliation, monthly meetings, and newsletters

  • Professional contact with other government planners and suppliers knowledgeable in government contracting

  • A comprehensive membership directory updated each year

  • SGMP's newsletter Government Meeting Professional, published ten times a year

  • The National Annual Education Conference which provides members an excellent opportunity for members to share the latest techniques in meeting management.

  • As the only professional meetings industry association specializing in the government market, SGMP offers its members opportunities for professional development through: Encouraging and improving communication, understanding, and cooperation between planners and suppliers through regular meetings, discussions, and conferences;

  • Expanding the knowledge and abilities of planners and suppliers by conducting formal education programs;

  • Aiding planners in locating and evaluating commercial meeting facilities and support services by operating a communications link;

  • Researching, analyzing, and translating regulatory policies and legislative issues which affect governmental meetings;

  • Promoting an understanding in decision-making areas that directly or indirectly impact the scope of operations of the planner;

  • Maintaining liaison activities with other professional meeting planner and supplier groups; and

  • Providing guidance and advice to planners on all phases of planning, executing, and evaluating government meeting.

Chartered: January 24, 1990