MiSGMP Committees

Committees are comprised of members of the Board of Directors and the Chapter membership. Each committee develops a plan that outlines the committee’s objectives and the steps for achieving those objectives. Committees meet as needed to complete tasks.

Advertising/Sponsorship Committee
Responsible for website and email advertising, soliciting sponsorships for special events and marketing the chapter brand. 
Stacy Yerby (313) 202-1909 [email protected] and Heidi Schmitt (616) 233-3557 [email protected]  Co-Board Liaisons

Annual Education Conference Committee
Responsible for the planning and implementation of the Chapter’s Annual Education Conference.
Heidi Schmitt (616) 233-3557 [email protected] – Board Liaison 
Diane Dick (517) 327-9261 – Committee Chair

Communications Committee
Responsible for monitoring all publications and communications of the Chapter, including but not limited to email, website and social media.

Debbie Kopkau (517) 327-2587 – Board Liaison [email protected]

Carly Sanford (517) 374-6848  - Committee Chair 
Social Media Team: Shaun Ballard (269) 488-0058 and Kathy Morin (231) 775-0657 
Newsletter: Pat Strzalkowski (517) 336-7782
Marketing: Cathy Mayhew (517) 908-8052
Website: Carly Sanford (517) 374-6848

Community Service Committee
Responsible for planning and implementation of Chapter’s charitable activities.
Shelly Long (517) 372-0012 [email protected]  Board Liaison
Committee Chair TBD

Education Committee
Responsible for soliciting proposals for regular monthly meeting sites and speakers. Also responsible for determining, establishing and promoting the educational programs of the Chapter.
Debbie Kopkau (517) 327-2587 and Terese McInnis (517) 202-4324 – Co-Board Liaisons [email protected]
Jocelyn Davis (517) 284-1015 – Committee Chair

GMS Certificate Committee
Responsible for overseeing the implementation of the GMS Certificate Program.
Debbie Kopkau (517) 327-2587 [email protected] – Board Liaison
Viki Gotts (248) 721-0075 and Barb Lincoln (517) 853-1062– Committee Chairs

Honors and Awards Committee
Responsible for the development and implementation of an awards program giving recognition to Chapter members who have significantly contributed to the objectives of the Chapter and to the Society.
Laurie Nickson (517) 351-4183 [email protected] – Board Liaison
Diane Dick (517) 327-9261 – Committee Chair

Membership Committee
Responsible for the recruitment and retention of Chapter Society members.
Tammy Novak (517) 937-9426  – Board Liaison [email protected]
Brenda Haight  (517) 377-1413 – Committee Chair

Nominations and Elections Committee
Responsible for identifying members interested in running for Chapter Board positions. The committee’s function is directed by the National Board’s process for elections. The Immediate Past President chairs this committee. Meets every two years.
Debbie Kopkau  (517) 327-2587 [email protected] – Board Liaison
No Committee Chair Needed.

Registration Committee
Responsible for completing registrations for all members and guests at monthly meetings.
Anissa Damon (517) 324-7329 [email protected] – Board Liaison
Diane Dick (517-327-9261 and Mary Kramer (810) 232-5300 – Committee Co-Chairs 

Scholarship Committee
Responsible for distributing, accepting and awarding of Chapter scholarships, including AEC and NEC.
Stacy Yerby  (313) 202-1909 [email protected] – Board Liaison
No Committee Chair is Needed.

Special Events Committee
Responsible for Chapter functions that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Education Committee, i.e. annual banquet, auction at AEC, initiation of officers, Knowledge Quest, and other fund raising events.
Char Alexander (517) 284-5246 [email protected] – Board Liaison
Committee Chair TBD

Chartered: January 24, 1990